Aubrey Micale Montgomery

In August of 2016, while I was shoulder deep in motherhood, I decided I wanted a hobby of my OWN.   I began by making scrunchies for my family and friends.  In September of 2016 I launched my very own website...guess how many visitors I had THREE.  With social media and the most amazing local support; business started to pick up.    Now we are in our 2nd office relocation, we have TWO manufacturers, ship all over the world and are proudly sold in multiple stores.   I love this business and all the people it has connected me with.  I can honestly say my dreams have come true.  If you are ever in GORE, OKLAHOMA stop by and say hi!




Robin Lynn Henry

In April of 2017, when production was more than one person could handle "Momma" came to help...and stayed.   She is my sounding board, promoter and master packager.  Without her Micale | Lynn wouldn't be the success it is today.