Let's Talk Wholesale

Please Read this Page Before Submitting your Application 

Applying for Wholesale Account:  If you are interested in a wholesale account with Micale | Lynn, please fill out the form above. Once the applicant has filled out and completed the application, it will be submitted to the Micale | Lynn headquarters where it will be thoroughly reviewed. The acceptance process includes researching the wholesaler’s area, social media outlets and website. If the wholesaler does not have social media, pictures will be requested via e-mail to keep on record. 

Approved Accounts:  Once you’re approved, you will receive an e-mail with your wholesale login information for the Micale | Lynn website.

Store Requirements:  New accounts must meet an opening order amount per location. There is not a minimum re-order required if placed within a three-month time period from your previous order. If for any reason the wholesaler does not place an order within three months, the account will be marked as inactive and another customer may be picked up in the area.  Micale | Lynn offers zip code protection for storefronts that meet the wholesale minimum requirements.

Location Requirements:  All customers carrying Micale | Lynn are required to have a storefront location.