How long does it take to ship?

Orders typically ship within two days.


What size scrunchie should I order?

Most of our customers prefer our regular size, but we also understand there are different hair types.  Women with long thick hair prefer regular, while women with shorter hair prefer medium & slim.   Check out our sizing guide HERE


Will you be restocking previous scrunchies? 

Yes! and no. There are times when we sell out of a fabric and try to bring back but the fabric is discontinued.  If you see a scrunchie pattern you love, purchase before it's gone.


How many scrunchies does the Logo Scrunchie Bag hold? 

Our scrunchie bag will hold 30 regular size scrunchies.  


Do you take custom orders?

Yes, absolutely!  Custom order minimum is 40 scrunchies send us an email at hello@micalelynn.com and let's make something fun. 


Where did the company name come from? 

Micale is Aubrey our founder's middle name & Lynn is her mother's middle name.  Combined Aubrey created Micale | Lynn.


Do you have a storefront?  

No, we are strictly an online business.  We are sold in multiple stores across the United States check out our stockists HERE